5 Reasons to Legalize Marijuana ASAP

It is the year 2021. The presidential elections in the US are finally over, the new democrat office is supposed to legalize marijuana on a federal level. We’re hoping to see this soon, but until then, we obviously need to convince a few more people that it is good for you.

In this article, we’re going through some issues that are supposed to tell you that marijuana is not the devil. It’s not bad for your health, for society, and it’s not going to raise bad children. Take a look at these facts to see why this is the truth!

1. Ganja never killed anyone

Unlike other drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and other stuff, marijuana never killed anyone. There’s not one single case in which doctors reported that a person died directly because of marijuana use. No one has ever overdosed with it, lost consciousness, and fell off a cliff, nor got their organs devastated by consuming it.

Cannabis is a plant that provides a good feeling and relaxes, and that’s about it. It is the safest of all the consumers’ items available on the markets around the world. If you want to prove this for yourself, feel free to go to a person smoking pot and try to make them aggressive. It’s nearly impossible. Learn more about it here.

2. Have multiple health benefits

There are so many health benefits from taking cannabis products. The common conception is that cannabis comes only in the form of a cigar, which is not true. This product comes in all shapes and forms. It can be a pill, a drink, and so many other things.

The healthcare industry has been using the cannabis oil for decades. It is a proven cure for many diseases and conditions. Even cancer. Scientists have proven that cannabis oil that is rich with CBD is effectively healing patients struggling with it.

3. Can raise the tax income

There are multiple ways to do this in the country if someone wants to do it. In the US, the cannabis industry can make a huge impact on tax revenue. There’s an enormous demand for marijuana treats and products, and people can’t wait to get their hands on them.

If we manage to sell them freely just like everything else legally, the companies will make great profits. If we do this in stores, over the internet, or at ATMs, everyone will see an economic benefit from it.

The ATMs are an amazing choice. Some businesses are installing a free marijuana dispensary ATM machine in states that allow this, and see big raises in profits. Just by showing people, they are pro-marijuana, they get more money.

4. People agree on this matter with 75%

Almost all Americans agree that marijuana is not bad for them, and they’d like to see it go legal. In fact, around 75% or two-thirds of Americans are voting yes for marijuana legalization. Some states are more in favour, and others are less, but on a federal level, people want it to be legal.

Some of the states who already legalized it showed a great example, and now people see that this isn’t as wrong as they thought. The first turn of opinion was made in 2013 when the 50% barrier was broken and more people started to be in favor than against cannabis.

5. States who legalized it show no signs of deterioration

In fact, the states that legalized it showed that nothing bad is going to happen. On contrary, crime rates fell in these states, and people are happier. The businesses are flourishing because more people are going there for a sort of cannabis tourism.

What’s important is that these states did not show any sign of deterioration. People continued living as they did before. Everything’s in place, no people are lying on the streets overdosed, and no one’s killing anyone over it. See more about it here: https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/06/marijuana-united-states-law.html.


These five points should explain why marijuana should be legal, and if you read through them, it makes perfectly clear why. The US has been postponing this for too long. We need to make cannabis legal on a federal level as soon as possible.

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