CBD Water Is Making A Move – After Summer of White Claw

These days, the CBD (cannabidiol) products are gaining huge popularity due to its various benefits. It is infused in everything including beer, balms, beauty products, tinctures, chicken wings, and even water. CBD industry companies have given a twist to the water by inducing CBD with flavored seltzers.

This CBD water is drawing criticism as well as praise. Those, who don’t like hard seltzers, CBD water is the best alternative.

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About CBD water

CBD is the chemical compound derived from the cannabis plant. According to research studies, CBD has various medicinal properties that can help in relieving chronic pain, inflammation and reduce anxiety.

There are several CBD products available in the market such as gummies, capsules, creams and others.  The new form is CBD water that is made by the process of infusing CBD particles with water. With CBD water, you can get fixed CBD dose easily.

Is CBD legal?

According to Farm Bill 2018, using hemp and its extracts is completely legal. CBD that is produced from hemp plant and less than 0.3% is legal according to the federal law. This is because it will not make you high. Hemp derived CBD is legal, but the rules may differ from one state to the other, so check your state laws.

cbd soda

CBD water contains very little CBD

Most of the brands that provide CBD water contains very little CBD amount that is nearly 2 to 5 mg. Even though, the recommendations of taking CBD will vary, but most of the studies evaluate that CBD will be beneficial only if taken 15 mg or over per day. According to a study, CBD nanoparticles will be absorbed better by the body compared to others.

CBD offers potential health related benefits from providing relief from pain to treating anxiety, which is the major concern among many people. CBD water gives a more balanced feel and improves productivity as well as creativity. CBD will be able to change the mood of a person and rebalance, reset it.

Air and light can degrade CBD

CBD is an unstable compound, exposure to air and light can break it down and negate its beneficial effects. According to a study, temperature will not affect CBD, but air exposure can lead to loss of cannabinoid content.  So, have CBD water immediately after opening the can.

These drinks may or may not make the user feel cool, collected and calm depending on the effects of CBD on that particular person. Few people will have 5 coffees in a day, while some others don’t have coffee. Similarly, CBD impacts each person differently.

The cost of CBD water is little expensive compared to others, but it offers a great taste, relaxation and many other benefits to the users.

There are many stores that sell CBD products online, choose the best one and order CBD water today to enjoy the taste of CBD and to gain the benefits of CBD.

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